The control unit of the Skill series robots, of the CX and ME models, is composed of a CN and 3 integrated servo drivers in the motors, all without occupying space on the ground and featuring easy maintenance.

The man-machine interface features a graphic display (8 lines, 20 characters) and keys dedicated to the direct movement of the axes.

pallet skill

The programming system allows the user to create free working cycles and not restricted to any mandatory sequence.

move skill

The programming is extremely flexible and intuitive and it allows the performance of the following operations:

  • Teach-In programming
  • Execution of the cycle forwards or backwards in step by step mode
  • Changing, inserting, deleting steps of the program as you write the cycle without having to reset the system (shut down and re-boot)
  • View of the entire program
  • Monitoring the status of I/O
  • Setting and changing axes heights, operating parameters, the speed of individual movements, etc during the automatic cycle.

The programming system based on a series of "ready to use" functions is simple and intuitive, it does not require any special programming knowledge for automated machines. The work cycle is created by the user by inserting, in succession, the various functions that one wants the robot to perform.

The parameters, heights, variables and the customizations that differentiate the individual steps of the cycle are presented to the user in the form of simple options that one can choose from a selection menu.



  • Axes positioning with rounding off
  • Opening and closing of mechanical grippers (standard valve base designed for a total of 6 suckers and grippers)
  • Separate management of max 6 vacuum lines each with its own release mechanism and monitoring sensor
  • Control of the conveyor belt
  • IMM interface management
  • Management of external inputs and outputs (to control external machines and / or accessories such as cutters – labelling machines etc)
  • Depositing of parts in order (stacking and management of 4 palletizing / depalletizing schemes)
  • Storing and copying programs
  • Functions "IF" and "wait" for the conditional execution of parts of the program
  • Movement searching function