Vacon NXS

Vacon NXS

Vacon NXS is a compact frequency converter with a power range from 0,37 kW up to 560 kW and with supply voltage 208-690 V for demanding use in devices, buildings and different industrial sectors.


The robust construction includes efficient protection against disturbancies in power network. Trouble-free operation is also guaranteed by use of sophisticated methods of motor control and protective motor and driver functions, component selection and efficient cooling.

Proven choice

Vacon NXS is suitable for all environments in IP21 and IP54 with integrated EMC filters. The starting guide and a standard application software package simplifies setting parameters in all cases, from the easy ones up to the most complicated ones. Flexible standard I / O and a wide selection of add-on cards allows different control methods. There are also add-on cards for the most common fieldbus.

The modular design of the Vacon NXS brings several advantages:

  • Control terminals are safely separated from power terminals
  • Adding inputs and outputs is easy and convenient
  • Replacing the cooling fan (the only component with regular replacement) is quick
  • The control panel can be used for copying, comparing parameters, etc.

Robust frequency converter for demanding use

  • Control panel with intuitive operation
  • Interactive setting with a guide for an easy start
  • Universal application package "All in One"
  • PID regulator and PFC control for 1-5 pumps
  • Available special applications (water supply application package, high-speed applications, etc.)
  • 5 slots for cards (2 basic cards a 3 optional)
  • High switching frequency, low noise level
  • Speed error in a steady state < 1%
  • Small torque ripple
  • Starting torque > 200%, according to dimensioning the converter
  • Suitable for applications with more motors

Design and dimensions

The converter is extremely compact relating mechanical condition. Especially units in IP54 belong to the smallest frequency converters on the market. All units are suitable for both the installation on the wall and into the switchboard with all necessary components:

  • Integrated  EMC filters
  • Integrated three-phase input reactors
  • Cabel protection
  • Protection against dust and water

Efficient cooling principle allows the operation with high ambient temperatures and high switching frequencies without derating.

Control unit Vacon NXS 

Inputs and outputs of Vacon NXS can be adjusted according to your needs. The control unit has 5 slots (A, B, C, D and E) for add-on cards and you can choose a suitable card for each slot. If inputs and outputs aren’t specified differently, the converters Vacon NXS are supplied with OPT-A1 and OPT-A2 cards. I/O boards OPT-A1 and OPT-A3 come standard in many countries even though a galvanically separated input for termistor is required.

Removable terminals, easy card installation, automatic card identification and instructions on the drive help making quick connections. If necessary, I / O and fieldbus cards can be added later, when operating. Vacon NXS is simply the most flexible frequency converter on the market. Connecting an external power supply +24 V enables communication with the control unit even when the main power is turned off (eg. fieldbus communication or setting parameters)

First-class applicability

Panel text display in Czech, clearly defined menu structure and functions such as an automatic parameter copy and start guide enable simple commissioning and operation of the drive. Three values can be monitored simultaneously (function Multimonitoring)

The modularity of the software

Standard application package "All in One" contains 7 applications (default values and functions of inputs and outputs). The application selection is done with one parameter.

You select the application in the start guide when connecting the driver to the power supply for the first time. With this simple setting, the control can be programmed at two control places or on the pressure controller with intergrated PID regulator. In most cases the basic application is sufficient and the only thing is to set nominal motor parametres and minimal and maximal frequency.

Thanks to software application modularity created by the tool Vacon NC1131-3 the standard application package can be replaced by the water supply application package that contains a few applications optimized for water supply industry. There are other applications for general use.