Vacon NXC

Vacon NXC

VACON NXC – Compact and flexible

The enclosed Vacon NXC AC drive solution is compact and well tested. It’s perfect for when a flexible, robust and serviceable industrial AC drive is needed, and comes with a power range of 110 kW to 2 MW.

VACON NXC drives have reliable thermal handling for the enclosure, extending the lifetime of the frequency converter and ensuring tough environments don’t overly affect application processes. The control compartment is easily accessible, includes Vacon’s removable keypad, and enclosures come with lifting lugs to aid installation. 


  • One of the most compact on the market with same footprint in IP21/ IP54     

  • Maximum utilization of available space lowers overall investment costs.

  • No additional cabinet fans

  • Less service time and fewer spare parts lower overall maintenance costs.

  • Increased flexibility with wide range of standardized options

  • Reduces the need for additional design saving engineering time and costs.

  • Easy accessible control compartment

  • Makes commissioning easier, saving time and costs.

  • Mounting rails and pull-out jig

  • Robust and type-tested design

  • Welded Rittal TS8 frame

  • EMC approved (EN61800-3, 2nd env.)

  • Service concept with pullout jig

  • Reduce service time and lower service costs.


  •  Trouble-free installation and operation

  •  Adapts to your needs without need for extra engineering

  •  Fits easily into small places

  •  Enclosures available globally, easily expandable

  •  Fast service, easy to maintain.