Vacon 10

Vacon 10

Freqency converter that easily meets customers‘ requirements

Vacon 10 is extremely compact frequency converter for machine producers with the power range from 0.25 kW up to 5.5 kW. Vacon 10 provides maximal flexibility for integrating customers‘ requirements into AC drive.

The driver design allows its simple intergration into all environmental types according to customers‘ requirements. The unique board of applicable interface (API) can be optionally defined according to customers‘ specific needs.

This new converter belong to the smallest ones on the market. The drive size provides the biggest savings of valuable space needed for installation. It fits into the smallest spaces. Despite its small dimensions the drive is equipped with features such as integrated EMC filters, intuitive navigation and flexible interface. Besides the above mentioned aspects the drive conception allows customers‘ specification of its own interface.


Vacon 10 is suitable for machine producers especially thanks to its flexible interface – most requirements are fulfilled by small modifications. In case the drive is equipped with a standard interface, it works as a universal converter that offers for instance communication Modbus.


Easy installation and commissioning

  • Intuitive navigation in the menu
  • Small dimensions
  • Fixing with screws or on DIN rail
  • Installation option in the line next to each other
  • Development tool Vacon NC61131-3 for creating specific customer functions
  • Uploading and downloading parameters without power supply connection

Extensive equipment

  • Integrated EMC filters for using the converter in the commercial sphere and in the industry
  • Available IP20, with the option IP21 and NEMA1
  • Varnished PCBs as a standard
  • Braking chopper standardly for 3~, 400 V, from 1,5 kW
  • Ventilator regulated by temperature

Flexible control

  • Modular use of I/O 
  • Communication RS-485/Modbus as a standard
  • PI regulator as a standard
  • Several optional communication buses
  • Power supply option from an external source +24 V for a control and communication  electronic backup in case of power failure
  • Projection service for customer development of interface API

Consideration for environment

  • Suits RoHS 
  • Recyclable materials
  • Energy savings
  • Decreased mechanical stress
  • Reduced noise level

Control I/O

Vacon 10 is a converter that fully adapts to customers‘ requirements for its control.

Converter conception of Vacon 10 is designed with regard to fast and easy adaption to the particular application. This is reached with a control card Vacon 10, application interface board – API. API is a user interface of the converter and it is the main aspect that ensures drive adaptability.

 We offer the set of three API cards as a standard, however the construction API enables the customer to create his own application software. Moreover, there is an option of customer’s API specification and its integration into the drive design made by the customer.

Standard interface API

Vacon offers a set of these API that are always in stock:

  • API - full
  • API - limited
  • API - RS-485  

Customer interface API

You have special requirements for a set of user interface that is a standard of your device or would you like to create an unbeatable product? You have an option to specify your own API board. Projection service Vacon can help you create a project and ensure the production of the required solution. For more information please contact the representing company in the Czech Republic.

Customer application

Vacon 10 supports standard software PC of the tool Vacon. They involve for instance engineering developmental tool Vacon NC61131-3 that is used for creating your own application software. Vacon offers service of their own programmers or a possibility for the customer to create the software by themselves or to have a competent third party make it.

EMC and installation environment

Vacon meets requirements of the norm EN61800-3 (2004) that defines imunity limits and limits for EMI emissions. Environments are divided into the first and the second, which means into communal and industrial sector.

Tools for Vacon 10

Vacon offers one of the widest tool series for microphones on the market. Functions integrated into drivers Vacon 10 give the customer a chance to program, set, put into operation and monitor operating variables in a way that is common only with bigger drivers.

PC tools

Vacon 10 supports current PC tools Vacon. Programs are freely available on our websites www.vacon.cz. Programs are used for:


  • commissioning,
  • on-line monitoring
  • uploading different applications and their own creation

PC is connected with a converter using the adpter MCA (Micro Communication Adapter) and a cable.   

MCA - Micro Communication Adapter

The customer can upload and download parametres without  connection to power supply using MCA. This enables the user to set converter parametres without a need of its previous connection to power supply.