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Training - Kunststoff-Spritzguss

This training is intended especially for technologists, adjusters, maintenance staff and operators of extrusion machines for plastics.
Training program:
  • The wear effect of plasticizing set parts for machine output.
  • Types and causes of parts wear - the effect of the type of processed material to the rate of plasticizing set parts wear.
  • The effect of the mixing material to product quality.
  • Prediction of wear parts - the choice of optimum screw and barrel quality for processing different material types.
  • Problems of processing PA + up to 60% GF (choice of optimum quality of plasticizing sets, types of wear, renovation options, etc.)
  • High-tech technology - PVD coating, CPM of tool steel, bimetalic barrel – possibilities of energy savings during heating up – solution for plastic running between the nozzle and the entrance into the mold – workshop.
Lenght of training: 1 day
Venue: At the customer
Price: 25.000,- CZK/ without VAT (any number of participants)
Speaker: Dotzauer Jan
Date: According to the agreement