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Dosing container holder DKZ-B 50/M3

Dosing container holder DKZ-B 50/M3

Dosing container holder DKZ-B 50/M3

Dosing container holder is meant for machine separation and dosing different waste parts without a need of manual handling.

The device serves as a waste tray from which the waste is transported on a sliding conveyor floor of the tray through the dosing wall which deploys the waste into homogenous layers on the conveyor where it is further processed. The device has a separating function (tearing the waste which is packed in bags and packages to make further separation easier). The conveyor floor composes of two independently controlled floors that consist of a flat and slanting part. The chain conveyor with pulleys moves on the floor. The gear mechanism with separating racks mounted on the shaft is attached at the upper end of the device. The waste goes under this mechanism and then overflows over the edge to the following wide discharge conveyor.

The mentioned mechanism ensures separation of material and you can simultaneously define dosing of the output for the further processing using automatic setting. Adjusting the height of the separator is performed by hydraulic control mechanism that is operated in automatic process according to load level of the drives. Frequency inverters ensure regulation of movement speed of both floors on the device.


Device technical data:

Horizontal floor

Floor length                                                                   6 200 mm

Electro motor power / speed at 50 Hz                      2,2 kW / 5 rpm/min

Movement speed of the floor                                      0,2 - 7,5 m/min

Sloping floor

Floor length                                                                   3 000 mm

Electro motor power / speed at 50 Hz                      2,2 kW / 7 rpm/min

Movement speed of the floor                                     1,05 - 10,5 m/min

Tearing and separating device

Number of tearing segments                                     10 pc

Electro motor power / speed at 50 Hz                       4 kW / 36 rpm/min

Device dimensions:

Length                                                                              9 510 mm

Width                                                                                3 680 mm

Height                                                                              4 270 mm (including railing on the platform)

Hourly output                                               1 500 - 2 000 kg (depending on the kind and fraction of the waste material)

Volume of the horizontal area                                      about 50 m3

Total machine weight                                                    about 9 300 kg

Machine color                                                                 according to the producer (or by agreement)

Equivalent sound pressure level measured at a distance of 1 m from the machine and 1.5 meters above the floor does not exceed the value of 85 dB.



 Belt conveyor (rake – type) PD 3000/4000

- design for both indoor and outdoor use

- belt width                                                                      3 000 mm

- belt length                                                                    4 000 mm  

- belt with rakes and sidewalls

- drive – gearbox with electric motor                         1,5 kW

- belt speed                                                                    about 0,6 (0,8) m/s

- support for height setting of the outlet

- completely assembled including paint