Description of the TI 350 heat insulating cover:

This heat insulating cover is made of specially developed heat insulation, covered with Aluminium foil placed in a sleeve of insulation fabric specially treated with a non-harmful finish.

Technical Parameters of Product:

Colour - black
Heat resistance – up to 400°C
Cover thickness - 20 or 40 mm
Weight – 1.9kg/m2 (for 20 mm thickness); 3.8kg/m2 (for 40 mm thickness)
Cover size – based on individual object insulated
The heat insulating cover material is fully in compliance with DIN 61 101 - ½; DIN 53 854; and ISO 4603 requirements.

Product Application and Use:

Heat insulating covers are chiefly used to insulate injection and extrusion units. They lower the heat loss while providing protection against burns in compliance with ČSN 070620 article 413. Heat insulating covers are very easy to handle. Heat insulating covers must always be installed so that the information label faces away from the surface insulated.

Application of Heat Insulating Cover:

The equipment insulated is covered with heat insulating cover as tightly as possible, fastened with a strap and clips. When dis/mounting hot fittings, it is always essential to use suitable protective work aids and means. Always pay special attention, avoiding injury by burning.


After the installation, during the first warming up, smoke and mild odour may occur (for about 30 minutes). Such smoke only occurs during the first warming up.
Under no circumstances is it allowed to remove the insulating material from the insulating covers.
The product is designed for installation and use in a standard working environment with standard ambient temperature. Use in other environments requires consultation with the producer.
Never expose the product to direct fire; flying scales or sparks from grinding and cutting; or undue mechanical stress.

Storage maintenance:

Heat insulating covers must be stored in a dry place. The product requires no special maintenance. Use a soft wet cloth to keep clean from dust and other contamination.

This information is based on our current condition of knowledge.We warn the user against possible risks that may occur in case of improper product use