„Antiplast B“ is a means suitable for efficient removal of fine impurities (from the screw and barrel surface on injection moulding machines and extruders) that remained after the first cleaning phase.  „Antiplast B“ is meant for cleaning the machine in the mounted condition.

Method of use – when hot: Antiplast B is applied directly into the working area of the screw and the barrel (through the feeder) and it is mixed with the material that we want to process. The efficiency of Antiplast increases with the temperature (when used directly in the working area of the screw and the barrel – working temperature is maximally 320°C). After the cleaning agent application, you must screw it into the area until the mixture completely leaves the machine.

Important notice: it is necessary to turn off the vacuum pump and open the evacuation hole on machines with degassing (do not stand close).

Dosing: Antiplast A is dosed according to the screw and barrel diameter. Dose the mixture of Antiplast with the processed material (on 1 mm of screw diameter) in the following ration:

1 ml of Antiplast and 100g of the processed material on 1 mm screw diameter (eg. screw of the diameter 30 mm = dose 30 ml of the cleanser with 3 kg of processed material).