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Recycling and regranulating lines BOCOMATIC

Recycling and regranulating lines BOCOMATIC
Company BOCO is a producer and a supplier of the underwater pelletizing MARATHON LINE for thermo-plastic materials (LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, EPDM, PA, PS, SAN, ABS, PMMA, PC, POM, PET, PBT, PEN, TPE, PUR, EVA, etc.). The line is intended primarily for manufacturing foil materials and it consists of the Extrusion device (BOCO production) and the Underwater pelletizing device (Nordson BKG production). Cutting knives on the die are made of tool steel, they have adjustable pressure on a perforated plate and during the process they are under the water.  Upon request it is possible to supply even an on-line grinder for grinding the cutting knives. This tool is attached to the knife die in the granulation device. After starting up, the process of sharpening knives is performed under water and it takes only a few minutes. The technology offers highly modern, economical and trouble-free regranulate production method of almost all kinds of thermo-plastic materials including filled materials, materials with high values of MFI (injection molding types) etc. The production isn’t sensitive to interruption of material flow, underwater cooling system ensures immediate granulate cooling. Granules don’t clump together, time needed for production change is minimal and guarded water circuit responds guickly to changing process influences. The granule shape is determined by chosen process setting and material viscosity. The whole process is automatic and the line control system is controlled by PLC program with a touch screen. You can see the production quality, advantages and modern underwater regranulate MARATHON line potential through tests conducted directly on a testing line in our plant in Pardubice.



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