TS-B 6, 5/7, 5

TS-B 6, 5/7, 5

Waste separating line is made for machine waste separation automatically. No manual work is needed.

Waste separation line has quickly shaking and moving panels which create on big shaking floor which separates the waste automatically. You can also adjust the angle of the separation line and also the speed of separation which has direct influence on the quality of waste separation. Waste separating line saves a lot of time which would be needed for manual separation.

Materials which must be processed through the separation line are thrown inside into the line and these materials are moving accross all panels and the separation comes into force. Depending on the size of the waste there are holes in panels which pass the waste of certain size which follows to the transportation belt which transports the separated waste into rights container. We can also change diameters of holes for separation and make as much levels of sizes for waste separation as you need.


Type: TS-B 6,5/7,5
Motor (kW): 7,5
Ventilating units: 2 pcs (according to requirements)
Size of the separating line in mm: 6500x1900x2500 (upon request) / 5000


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waste separation line