Strona główna
Strona główna Produkty WYDZIALE Urządzenia peryferyjne, akcesoria i części zamienne
Otwieracz hydrauliczny
Hydraulic mould opener of injection moulding machines HSB 20/50.
Robots Campetella
Linear robots.
Grawimetryczne dozowanie (TSM)
Grawimetryczne dozowanie
Drying and Dehumidification DEGA
Dryers, dehumidifiers and crystallizers DEGA.
Automatic Coiler (Campetella)
Automatic Coilers Campetella - FLEXA 80, FLEXA 120 and LX.
Palletizing robot Campetella
Dedicated to packages handling and palletizing, the system is equipped with a ...
Monitoring sensor against leak of plastics
Sensor  HCP against leaking plastics ( e.g. on the ...
Screen changers
Hand filter; Hydraulic plate filter; Hydraulic piston filter with reverse rinsing
Heating zones
Termal sensors, heating belts with ceramic inserts, heating plates, heators of injection nozzles.
AC Drives
Compact frequency converters Vacon can be easily used for general applications. They are designed for fast and easy ...
Środki do czyszczenia ślimaków i komór
Antiplast A, Antiplast B and Cleansing Granules.