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Palletizing robot Campetella

Palletizing robot Campetella

Dedicated to packages handling and palletizing, the system is equipped with a linear robot with 3 controlled electrical axes (brushless synchronous), a supporting structure and a pallet housing support. The robot, equipped with a special gripping device, picks up the package from end-of-line position and orderly deposit it on the pallet. Supporting structure, installed on the pallet housing support, is equipped with safety protections with conveyor belt opening (end-of-line packing machine), operator controlled opening and pallet opening controlled with light barriers. In this case, the replacement of the full pallet with the empty one is charged to the user; in order to increase the autonomy of the system, some modifications are possible with an empty pallets storage unit, an overhead contact line for pallets handling in deposit area and in discharging area.

Packages handling is task of a linear robot with CO mechanics (X extraction axis fixed on Z axis trilley). Its mechanics, with integrated sliding system and double-stroke vertical axis, is managed by a control unit on board, equipped with a CNC and three integrated servo-drivers.
Packages pick up is entrusted to a special gripping device, realized according to the features of the product to handle, and takes place through vacuum and mechanic grippers. The gripping device is installed on pneumatic axis for 0-90° rotation, sometimes needed for pallets setting-up.

The pallet housing support is inside safety protections. These consist of a conveyor belt opening (end-of-line packing machine) and an opening controlled with anti-intrusion light barriers for the full pallet replacement with the empty one.
Operator interface on remote control is managed trough alphanumeric keyboard and graphic display; context menus allow an extremely simple and intuitive programming for pallets setting-up

min. cycle number 10 8 6
Lenght   100-400 mm 100-400 mm 200-600 mm
Widht   100-400 mm 100-400 mm 200-600 mm
Height   40-400 mm 40-400 mm 40-400 mm
MAX BOX WEIGHT   6 12 25
Lenght   1200 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm
Widht   800 mm 800 mm 1000 mm
Height   1600 mm 1600 mm 1800 mm
Electrical input   200 VA 200 VA 200 VA
Power supply   230 V 230 V 230 V
Air pressare   6 bar 6 bar 200 VA
Air consumption   90 Nl/m 90 Nl/m 90 Nl/m

As part of its philosophy to continuously improve the performance of its robots, the companyreserves the right to modify the characteristic data of the machines without prior notification.