Vacon NXP

Vacon NXP

Air-cooled Vacon NXP – outstanding performance

Vacon NXP is a frequency converter based on the latest knowledge in AC drives. It is designed for use in all applications where reliability, dynamic, precision and performance are required.

Quality and reliability of the device or the technology is in most cases the result of precise and dynamic control of AC motors. Vacon NXP was designed so as to provide the best possible control under all circumstances and therefore it ensures high processing quality and functionality throughout the system lifetime.

The company Vacon developed a groundbreaking solution and a leading technology for demanding applications of high performances. Vacon NXP brings these solutions to the customer and offers new possibilities how to create the best inovative products and how to achieve challenging goals.  


  • Full power and voltage range
  • The high number of optional accessories
  • Wide selection of software applications adapts Vacon NXP practically to all needs
  • Control of asynchronous and synchronous motors with permanent magnets
  • Dynamic sensorless and closed vector control
  • Complete range of buses and I/O as an option
  • Fast communication between individual drives

Vacon NXP with wall mounting

For lower power range frequency converters Vacon NXP are available in a compact IP21 or IP54. It is one of the most compact drives on the market, with all the necessary integrated components.

Drivers with wall mounting are equipped with internal filter EMC, the power electronics is intergated into the all-metal construction. Smaller sizes (FR4-FR6) come standard with an interated brake chopper and units 380-500 V can be equipped with an internal brake resistor. Larger sizes (FR7-FR9) can be equipped with an integrated brake chopper optionally.

Freestanding Vacon NXP

Frequency convertors Vacon NXP with high performance are also available as freestanding units with IP21 or IP54. These units are designed for use in applications where the driver must have compact dimensions and easy installation.

The driver comes standard with intergated fuses and it does not need another additional protection. You can optionally equip the driver with a power switch which makes control at the installation place easier.

Vacon NXP modules IP00

Modules IP00 Vacon NXP with a higher performance are meant for installation into separate cubicles. Thanks to a robust design and its rectangular shape the installation into the cubicle is rather easy.

Control unit Vacon NXP

Vacon NXP offers a high-performance control unit for all demanding drive applications. It has five slots (A, B, C, D and E) for add-on cards, and a suitable card can be chosen for each slot.

Connecting an external power supply +24 V enables communication with the control unit even when the main power is turned off (eg. communication through the bus or parameter setting). Vacon NXP also supports control of asynchronous motors and synchronous motors with permanent magnets in sensorless or closed mode with a sensor. Furthermore Vacon NXP supports control of special motors, eg. high-speed motors.

An incremental encoder is often used as a feedback in a closed control. It is possible to use absolute encoders, sensors EnDat, SSI and a resolver.

Optic system bus Vacon enables fast communication between drivers.