Examples of utilized weld-on materials

The undeniable advantage of renovations is the substantially (several times) lower cost of their implementation in comparison with costs of new components. In most cases, by the proper selection of the weld deposit material the operating life of the given part might be extended by 200 - 300%.

Repairs, renovations and manufacturing working components are being implemented by welding on base materials on worn out surfaces on which the hard metal materials are welded on. When selecting the optimal material, we utilize the know-how in the representation of the German firm CORODUR (the firm which supplies more than 80 different types of special weld deposit materials) further sophisticated on the basis of our own experience from repairs and renovations that we provide for the most important companies in the Czech Republic involved in the plastic processing business (please see our reference list).

For certain types of weld deposits we utilize materials from the LINCOLN - ELECTRIC, ESAB, CASTOLIN, FILEUR, etc, companies. For weld deposit material applications, we are equipped with welding-on automated machines manufactured by the American Company LINCOLN - ELECTRIC.