Field of application: 


Extrusion of plastics, injection molding, rubber production, food production etc.

Suitable for demanding processes where plastic materials highly filled with abrasives such as more than 15% of glass fiber etc. are processed, then for recycled materials, for materials causing corrosion.

Surface treatment: Hardening or surface laser hardening of tool steels.
Used materials:                We strictly use only certified steel from well-known European suppliers. Tool steel 1.2379 or 1.3343 and other.
Production range: From Ø 12 to Ø 120 mm x to the length of 1500 mm (hardening), to the length of  6000mm (surface hardening).
Parametres: Hardened from 60 HRc to 65 HRc (according to the used tool steel).
Production time: Within 4 weeks according to the complexity of the part.
Hardening process:

Hardening – during the hardening process the part is slowly warmed up to the specified hardening temperature and after reaching the hardening tempterature the part is cooled down in the specified cooling medium (in the air, in the water, in the oil, in the salt bath). It is not possible to renovate  these all-hardened screws.

Laser hardening – in comparison with conventional hardening methods, the laser ray warms up the surface layer of material intensively below the melting point. Heat brought into the surface layer by laser ray is taken away by the basic screw material. Cooling procedure causes formation of fine-grained martensitic structure of high toughness in the surface layer and it also maintains screw core toughness. When using this method there are minimal shape deformations. Renovations of these screws are possible in the future.
výroba šneků, šneky, nitridace šneků, kalení výroba šneků, šneky, nitridace šneků, kalení
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výroba šneků, šneky, nitridace šneků, kalení výroba šneků, šneky, nitridace šneků, kalení