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Hydraulic mould opener

Hydraulic mould opener
Hydraulický otvírač forem Hydraulický otvírač forem

Main advantages:

This device greatly reduces the time required for the change of the form version.

According to the model case, the time for the change of the form was shortened from 30 min to 20 min.

Daily you can save several production hours depending on the number of the operated injection molding machines.

Fields of application:

In every injection molding factory, where is a lack of production capacity and a frequent change of the injection molds is needed.

Where it is necessary to implement the service on forms such as conservation, cleaning, small repairs etc.

Basic parameters:
Load bearing capacity 20 tons
Opening length 3000 mm
Total power
10 kW
Basic dimensions of the device (l x w x h) 5 x 1,8 x 2,4 m
Weight 12 tons

Function Description:

The hydraulic mold opener consists of a solid steel frame on which two slide plates are placed. These plates are driven by a pair of hydraulic barrels. Hydraulic barrels do opening and closing and at the same time the movable mounting plates move in a precise linear lines. The source of pressurized oil is separately standing hydraulic unit equipped with a pair of pumps. Regulation of the movement speed of the both plates is provided with a frequency converter and proportional valves which are placed on the hydraulic unit. The unit is also equipped with a separate circuit for controlling of the mold cores.

After opening the mold, it is possible to work inside the mold. Safety plates protect the work area, so it is not possible to close the form when a person is standing between its halves. For safety reasons, the whole mold opener is placed in the protective fencing and access to this mold opener is possible only through the doors which are protected by an electric lock.


Putting the mold to the hydraulic mold opener.


Fixing the mold in the hydraulic mold opener.


Opening the mold in the hydraulic mold opener.


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