Monitoring sensor against leak of plastics

Monitoring sensor against leak of plastics

Sensor  HCP

against leaking plastics ( e.g. on the  injection molding nozzle and form inlets, etc. )

During normal plastic parts production on the injection molding machine a leakage can occur between the nozzle and the form and plastics can leak. This plastics can get to the heating belts and cover the whole length of the barrel/cylinder and all heating belts and it can cause considerable problems and damages.

If you install the sensor HCP, you prevent the following damages:


-    soil the barrel/cylinder

-    devalue heating belts

-    devalue thermal insulation covers

   ( if they are installed on the machine)

-    machine downtime for cleaning and exchanging heating belts = machine must stop production


   Installation of the sensor HCP: 


Sensor control point is installed on the machine nozzle and it detects plastic motion on the nozzle surface.

Evaluating sensor part can be placed anywhere on the machine.

In case the plastics leak on the nozzle surface, the sensor signals the fault and the machine is stopped (after finishing individual product). 

The fault signalization can be done using light beacon and spot soudings.

Monitoring sensor assembly is universal for all machine types. Download the installation manual.

You can achieve significant financial savings thanks to the sensor installation:

 -    purchase of new heating belts and thermal insulatuon covers

-     time for cleaning, dismounting and remounting new heating belts

-     machine downtime during the repair