The control unit is governed by a CNC installed with a professional operating system that enables applications in real-time.

The interface between control and drive is fully digital and provides excellent axes operating performance.

In these series, machine programming is carried out entirely through the hand held controller, with a colour TFT high resolution display screen. For limited-sized robots up to model MC3, the panel is located on board the machine, without occupying space on the ground.

For technical reasons however, the largesized models (MC4, MC5, MC6) and side entry robots (model SM2, SM3) have their control units on the ground, though they are equipped with a portable consolle with a colour TFT display screen.


AVAILABLE STANDARD FUNCTIONS: The programming system known as allows free work cycles to be created, through functions that perform the following:

  • Interpolated axes positioning on all axes
  • Assisted ejection movementwith the electronic control of the X-axis engine torque by following the movement of the IMM ejector
  • Execution of movements at different speeds compared to the set speed for the cycle
  • Automatic synchronization of the robot cycle with the IMM cycle time 
  • Opening and closing of mechanical grippers (standard valve base designed for a total of 6 suckers and grippers + optional expansion kit mounted on the wrist for an additional 4 or 8 grippers)
  • Separate management of max. 6 vacuum lines each with its own release mechanism and monitoring sensor
  • Wrist rotation
  • IMM interface management (Euromap 12 or 67)
  • Deposit belt control
  • Cutter control
  • External labelling machine control
  • Palletizing Manager

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  • Depalletizing also possible with "search" movements
  • Bad parts management
  • Quality control management
  • Palletizing with cardboard sheets layers
  • Management of additional I/O (external panel with 16 Input + 16 Output + 8 selectable I/O)
  • EASY PROGRAMMING: simplified programming - a basic PICK 'n PLACEprogramme is immediately generated by filling in a simple questionnaire with FLAGs
  • OFF-LINE programming: software that is installed on a PC and reproduces the operator's interface, allowing the work cycle to be programmed off-line
  • A CNC integratedPLC: programming small integrated devices thus avoiding the use of an external PLC and manage of a external axis
  • A library of programming functions at your disposal for the creation of basic cycles, which can be modified by the operator
  • Storage of programs, without a limit to the number of programs,  thanks to an external USB memory
  • Remote assistance from CAMPETELLA SERVICE: through an Internet connection
  • Assistance from CAMPETELLA SERVICE: through an USB key it is possible to download and send information relevant to the problem via Internet
  • Vibrations reduction
  • Manual movement of the axes
  • Grippers, suckers and programmable outputs manual control
  • IMM columns dimensions management to avoid collisions during manual movements and in case of wrong programming