Production and sale of wheel clamps for private cars and vans (from 13´´ to 18´´).

Slide the rack out from the boot. Moving the boot by 90°, slide it between the tire and the wheel arch - see the photograph. car safety, clamps, wheel clamps
After sliding the boot into the gap, turn the boot back by 90°, by which you will put it on the car wheel. car safety, clamps, wheel clamps
When the boot is in this position, push the rack back into the boot and tighten it to the tire with the use of an Allen wrench. When properly tightened up, lock the boot with a key. The boot is thus secured against loosening. car safety, clamps, wheel clamps


Type "Y - car"

- for the passenger cars and delivery vans (from 13’’ to 18’’)
- the width of tire 260 mm (the extended adapters available)