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Производство пластмассы

Производство пластмассы

The company BOCO PARDUBICE machines, Ltd. is a modern company that has more than 20 years of experience in services for the development, consulting, production and renovation of single screw extruders and twin screw extruders and complete extrusion lines, regranulating and recycling lines, technological units and peripherals, screws, barrels, tools, thermal insulation covers and other accessories in plastic and rubber industry. In cooperation with significant Czech companies and jointly interconnected development departments delivers the technology and know-how for the production of the irrigation agro system IRRISYS.

For the presentation of production, service quality improvement, development, improvement and testing self-produced extrusion lines, accessories and other peripherals in the form of a complete technological unit and to increase the level of communication and customer care, the company BOCO opened in November 2015 “SHOWROOM” of its production in the industrial zone TechnoPark in Staré Čívice, Pardubice, Czech Republic.

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Showroom with its own laboratory and office space is located in the hall with total area of 1,500 square meters (near the hall there is also available free outdoor handling area and additional space with an area of 400 square meters), where you can see the spectrum of producing plastics extrusion lines:

  • Regranulation lines (various types) for the production of polyolefin granules especially LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP with granulating water circulating and underwater granulation system including strand granulation.
  • Compounding line for the production of accurate mixtures according to special recipes supplied or created according to the customer’s needs, on a demonstration compounding line we offer to the customer possibility of testing and actual processing of plastic materials with the option of adding up to five additional components using a gravimetric dosing hopper (additives, stabilizers, pigments, etc.), input plastic materials can be filled on the compounding line up to 70% by mineral fillers (mainly limestone).
  • And other devices for complex recycling of plastic waste materials with subsequent production of granulate with characteristics of post-consumer goods and industrial waste. There is also available storage hall of a total area of 1,000 square meters.

Another devices, which are operated and on display in the showroom:

  • For crushing of oversized plastic waste such as plastic films (not only clean, but also printed), waste from starting of the production, castings, trimmings, windings, drips, sawdust, shavings, fibers, fabrics (not woven and woven), parts or entire boards, profiles etc.,
  • For washing of plastic film materials using a dry mechanical process on the newly installed high modern cleaning line for film waste with a direct automatic connection to the regranulating line with an output up to 500kg/hr,
  • For homogenization of granules, that ensures high quality of the unification of all colors, MFI at each point of the matter (no pulsing of MFI during another processing,
  • For cooling of process water for the entire plastics recycling operation using the newly installed high-performance cooling system with a water washer,
  • And other devices for laboratory testing, filling of additives, various stabilizers and admixtures (eg. limestone, etc.), weighing, logistics, shipping and more


Along with the extrusion lines, you can also see in the showroom our offerings of recycling technologies for processing of plastic waste in operation. From the showroom operation and ongoing continuous investments in development and modernization of machinery and technological units, we expect higher professionalism, ability to raise the quality of products in relation the environment and expanding our business on national and international markets.

The company BOCO by its connection of production of recycling technologies with direct management of these technologies in the form of “plastic recycling” wants as above mentioned actively contribute to environmental protection and to participate at the highest possible quality and efficient restoration of selected unnecessary plastic waste into subsequently sought feedstock for plastic production of a new various products. Quality recycled plastic material called “secondary” is in most cases fully comparable with the primary plastic material and the cost is significantly cheaper.

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At this time, our company is preparing a project for the construction of an additional new factory in the industrial zone near headquarters. The plant will be located on land area of approximately 6,500 square meters, on which we will build three production halls one by one with a total built-up area of about 2,500 square meters. There will be development department, laboratory, warehouse and office spaces.

We would like to invite you to our showroom and discuss the possibility of our service offerings and finished granules own production. We will advise you, redeem, we can make test production or revise your plastic waste into granulate (mainly polyolefins PE and PP).


Greetings from the team


BOCO PARDUBICE machines, Ltd.


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